Michael's IPod touch app reviews

#1 Penguin 2
Penguin2 is fun because you go through so many levels to save your penguin from the polar bears. You try to knock out polar bears by angeling penguins at the bears or the ice. To save your penguin you have to knock out the polar bear 3 times. This game is fun to me because I love animals.

#2 Tap Tap Revenge 2
Tap Tap is fun because I love music. I also like this game because I like to work on my hand-eye coordination. You tap the circles when the notes come by. GO TAP TAP!!!

#3 Jelly Car 2
Jelly car 2 is a cool game because you can almost destroy it with out dieing. I also like this game for its name and customizable cars. My favorite mode is the long lump. I like long jump because there are squishy lemons.

#4 Little Physics
Little physics is fun because you can explode shapes and mess around with stuff. There is a bar of tools at the bottom of the screen thats were you chose witch shape you want to use. The tool bar is were you mess around with the shapes. I like this game because you can blow stuff up.